Vinyl wrapping can be an ideal solution if you’re looking to make a change to the appearance of your vehicle, without the commitment of a permanent change.

From subtle changes such as de-chroming or a carbon-look roof to something more drastic such as a full colour change – Zoldani does it all.

One of the best features of any vinyl wrap is that it can be removed without hassle – and your paintwork will be as good as it was underneath.

Interior trims can be vinyl wrapped in any colour or style, including carbon, gloss, matt or satin styles. Bespoke packages on request.


Window tints have been a popular modification for decades. At Zoldani we offer bespoke window tinting for any vehicle. Our fitters are highly trained and fully insured, working with high quality materials to provide a perfect finish.

Benefits of window tinting include:

  • Solar heat reduced – Heat and glare reduced. 
  • UV protection – prevents fading in fabrics, leather and interior trim.
  • Security – Reduces visibility into the vehicle and strengthens glass.
  • Safety – If a window is broken the film prevents glass from shattering.
  • Privacy – Eliminate visibility from outside the vehicle.
  • Aesthetics – Enhances the look of the vehicle.